Are you interested in developing web-based educational material?
Do you have web-based design talent that you would like to contribute to e-lefENT?
Have you got an idea/materials that you would like to develop into an educational strategy?
If so, we would like to hear from you!
Please contact us for an application form and a guidance document.
You will be asked to provide a maximum of a two-page summary to include:

  • Who you are (name, grade, institution)
  • Your track record achievement in developing educational material - web-based or otherwise - to a maximum of 5 lines (this is not essential)
  • Your proposal to include:
    • The topic
    • The key learning objectives (keep to a maximum of 3)
    • Educational design/principles for delivery of materials
    • How you want to make the interactivity on screen
    • How the self assessment/feedback would be designed to fit in with good educational principles
    • Any pictorial/multimedia content that you have or would be required (Note: making sure you comply with GMC guidance on the anonymisation of clinical images, x-rays and ECGs)

If your submission is selected, we will help you build and launch it on the e-lefENT Platform. 
If successful, you and your co-authors will gain an ePublication from ENTUK.