I am delighted to write this Presidential welcome for the e-lefENT website, the ENTUK’s flagship e-learning platform. The covid pandemic has taught us many things and perhaps the most significant was the importance of using digital technology and innovative electronic platforms to advance our specialty and widen the access to knowledge across the world, learning from each other. e-lefENT is crucial in supporting ENTUK's aims to improve and enhance the quality of education and training in Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery.

I wish to applaud the work of a large number in the UK ENT community, led by a few dedicated section editors and chief editor which has given us the contemporary and vibrant version that we now have at our disposal. The platform has over 450 sessions including interactive content, accessible by enhanced functionality and to support the needs of a variety of learners at all levels. The mapping of the new GMC medical licensing assessment (MLA) content for ENT supporting access to key learning resources for all UK medical students preparing for the MLA in 2024 is a bonus. The opportunity for certified CPD and continuing education is essential for all specialists who wish to keep up to date and abreast of current evidence based practice.

Widening access to countries around the world, integrating knowledge with colleagues in primary care and sparking the interest of students towards a career in ENT are remarkable achievements.

This highly impressive e-Learning platform owes a great deal to the vision and determination of Victoria Ward in setting this up many years ago. The new leadership in James Tysome as the Director of e-learning and Somiah Siddiq as Chief Editor for e-lefENT continue to build upon the success to date. I would like to thank the entire team and wish them all the very best in establishing the dominance of UK Otolaryngology training and education.


Professor Nirmal Kumar

President ENT UK